The Art of Negotiating Accounts Receivable & Collections

The Art of Negotiating® Accounts Receivable & Collections seminar is not only a valuable seminar for collection agency personnel and receivables managers, but an excellent course for business owners, CFOs, controllers, and accounting departments.

This program teaches basic to advanced skills for collecting and negotiating terms of payments from individuals, corporations, and other organizations where you are the creditor. Customer service and communication skills are explored through interactive role-play exercises where participants are shown the psychology of both sides in negotiating collections. Participants will take away a useful set of collection processes, documentation skills, strategies, tactics, and responses that build positive relationships and ensure prompt, maximized payment arrangements.

In The Art of Negotiating®Accounts Receivable & Collections, participants will learn to:

  • Negotiate effectively, with a focus on bargaining techniques, customer service and strategies to ensure no money is left on the table
  • Avoid, mitigate and settle large-scale receivables through proven strategies and tactics
  • Optimize the receivable management process
  • Use techniques to settle disputes and stifle escalating anger
  • Analyze behaviors, emotions and the psychology of collections
  • Communicate with difficult counterparties
  • Develop a style and personality over the phone
  • Recognize cash-flow warning signs
  • Perform solvency checks to evaluate credit-worthiness
  • Skilfully probe and handle objections
  • Respond to excuses and effectively listen
  • This seminar will assist your organization in optimizing the accounts receivable & collections process through a results-driven program fully customized to the skill level of participants and specific industry at hand.