Applying Toyota Production System (TPS) Management Principles for Lean Supply

Leverage geography, finances, and production speed for bottom line results

Program Description:

Lean supply has aligned production and distribution with cash flow for countless businesses, so why are you still buying in bulk only to have your cash reserves depleted? Toyota Production System (TPS), or Lean, enables producers to leverage geography, finances, and production speed to benefit your customers, stakeholders, and bottom line. This seminar implements real-world examples that illustrate methods to identify value-added activities and eliminate wasteful practice. Participants will gain an understanding of TPS and how it can effectively be applied to improve overall supply chain performance. In the Applying Toyota Production System (TPS) Management Principles for Lean Supply seminar, the instructor will share technical advice to transform your organization to a Lean production culture. Participants will learn how Lean production can benefit their organizations with market tested implementation methods and practices. The faculty instructor for this seminar is a seasoned supply chain professional with more than 30 years of experience working with manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and third-party service providers in the automotive, paper, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods industries, among others. He is an early adopter of lean supply chain methodologies and has based his numerous successes on the salient philosophy that waste can and must be eliminated to increase the bottom line. He is now the managing director of the University of San Diego’s Supply Chain Management Institute where he is building a bridge between academia and private interests for collaboration of progressive supply chain management studies. In this customized TNI seminar, participants will learn how to employ Toyota Production System management principles to better align production and distribution with cash flow. These are skills they will immediately be able to apply upon returning to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    • Toyota Production Systems (TPS) and Its Benefits
    • Identifying Valuable Procedures and Eliminating Wasteful Practices
    • Implementing TPS
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Gain knowledge to facilitate Toyota Production System (TPS) implementation
    • Eliminate waste
    • Improve production/distribution speed
    • Understand TPS best practices
    • Reduce or eliminate wasteful practices
    • Improve cash flow via TPS
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