Advanced Negotiation for Legal Professionals

Learn negotiation tactics to create and accumulate value and influence

Program Description:

Advanced Negotiation for Legal Professionals is designed to provide lawyers and other legal professionals with an in-depth look at how to create and accumulate value and influence. Value and influence are created through a three-phase process consisting of: context, fact-finding, and bargaining where the accumulated influence is used to capture the accumulated value. Each of the three phases consists of a number of elements that will be identified and discussed before revealing how to achieve client goals through combining these elements into a seamless strategy with supporting tactics. The program also examines multi-party perspectives and stakeholder interests in negotiating legal matters. Objectives are achieved through a combination of presentation, discussion, case exercises, and debriefings. This customized TNI seminar will engage participants with power bargaining techniques and help them create negotiations where everyone feels they have won. Upon returning to the workplace, participants will be able to immediately put to use the skills, knowledge, and tactics they learn.

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  • Topics:
    • Best Practice Negotiation Framework (Win-Win)
    • How to Accrue Information without Asking for It
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Use routine processes to create value
    • Implement investigative techniques for information gathering
    • Deploy the Win-Win strategy of negotiation
    • Learn to maximize the discovery process for the benefit of your client
    • Deploy proven bargaining techniques
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