Above the Barrier: Creating Opportunities for Success in US-China Business

Best practice methodologies to align you business with the cross-cultural influences of your Chinese business partners

Program Description:

Based on decades of immersion in US-China business, the Above the Barrier seminar provides firsthand insight into the Chinese business framework that often appears chaotic to outsiders. Rather than focus on the superficial differences of business culture in the US and China, this program drills down to explore high-impact methods to align focus and deliver positive results. This high-level methodology implements practical tools to diagnose and de-escalate conflicts between American and Chinese businesses. Participants in this seminar will gain pragmatic perspectives from a seasoned veteran of US-Chinese business relationships that will help participants use their knowledge of culture to create opportunities. This seminar also addresses ways for high-level management to leverage opportunities to build successful business strategies while maintaining clear perspectives of realistic results. These and other best-practice methodologies are introduced for mapping an aligned business plan across cultures—the only kind of vision that works. The faculty instructor for this seminar is an expert in US-China business with almost 20 years of experience in a variety of roles working with US companies operating in China as well as Chinese firms doing business with Western companies. During her time in China, she has held management, director, and executive-level roles in strategy consulting, private equity, import/export, sourcing, buying, market research, public relations, and running startup and turnaround businesses. The instructor is fluent in both English and Mandarin and is available for seminars, presentations, and speaking engagements held in either language. In this customized TNI seminar, participants learn how to align business objectives with the cross-cultural influences of Chinese business partners. Participants will return to their jobs with a powerful set of tools and skills that can immediately and substantially improve their negotiating performance.

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  • Topics:
    • Achieving Goals across Cultural Boundaries
    • Systemic Cultural Differences and their Effect on Corporate Alignment
    • The Role of Strategy vs. Opportunism in Corporate planning
    • The Meaning and Purpose of Partnership
    • The Eight Key Contrasting Values of US-Chinese Relationships
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Elucidate your cross-cultural problems with pragmatic solutions
    • Develop the leadership skills and insights needed for guiding US-China projects or businesses
    • Acquire high-level perspectives for negotiation and facilitation
    • Use knowledge of cultural differences to build respect, opportunity, and advantage from within your network
    • Use knowledge of systemic differences to build realistic business strategies and goals
    • Manage US-China teams to minimize negative impacts of systemic and cultural differences
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