The Negotiation Institute’s instructors are among the world’s foremost experts on negotiation, representing a comprehensive body of seasoned business leaders, sales executives, supply chain specialists, attorneys, professors, physicians, government officials, authors, and scholars.

In addition to being outstanding teachers, focused advocates, and experts in the field of negotiation, our instructors have decades of real-life negotiating experience, with careers in business, government, and the law.

Key to the value of The Negotiation Institute’s mission is the dedication of its instructors.  As key thought leaders, they offer transformative instruction that drives performance and capabilities for national and international corporations and nonprofit organizations. The Institute’s instructors leverage the same passion that has built their own successes in business to deliver practical and applicable knowledge that helps business leaders worldwide.

These forward-looking men and women are driven to engender profitable growth through successful mediation and negotiation, and fuel significant prosperity for our clients.