Women and The Art of Negotiating

The Negotiation Institute provides on-site training programs specifically for women as well as hosting the annual WIN Summit Conference in New York City

Women negotiating in the business world encounter an array of both internal and context-based challenges. The Negotiation Institute is dedicated to helping women discover new ways to meet these challenges, through The Art of Negotiating program.

Women and The Art of Negotiating is a powerful negotiation and leadership training seminar that assists with your corporate women’s initiatives, and is delivered on-site at your office (or in our NYC training facility) by our globally renowned faculty. We’re known for designing highly-interactive seminars based on the needs, objectives and industries of the clients we work with. The Negotiation Institute is a global leader in negotiation training and host of the The WIN Summit conference. TNI faculty consists of negotiation experts from the business world and academia who specialize in creating and delivering exceptional training programs.

Click here to read about our latest training partnership with the NASDAQ stock exchange. The Negotiation Institute to deliver a series of customized “Women and The Art of Negotiating” training seminars to NASDAQ women employees in their New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and London offices.

The Art of Negotiating will help women become better equipped to:

  • Advocate effectively for themselves, their teams, and their organizations
  • Ask for the resources and support they need to optimize their performance
  • Take advantage of a wider range of opportunities
  • Promote their own careers and develop professionally
  • Accurately assess their skills and value
  • Achieve leadership roles within their organizations
  • Recognize internal barriers holding them back
  • Ensure they get appropriate credit for their contributions
  • Fully utilize their skills and talents
  • Improve their decision-making
  • Recruit mentors and sponsors to help promote their careers
  • Build the collaborations necessary for success
  • Identify and leverage important network connections
  • Communicate clearly, command attention, and convey authority without provoking a backlash
  • Contribute to the culture and market power of their organizations

Organizations that invest in the Women and The Art of Negotiating program will:

  • Build internal competencies in problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Maximize their training investment in women
  • Make better use of the talents of 50 percent of their workforce
  • Increase retention of women and reduce attrition costs
  • Outperform their competitors across a broad range of financial measures
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