TNI Faculty

Experts, not Facilitators

Key to the value of The Negotiation Institute’s mission is the dedication of its faculty, who leverage the same passion that built their own successes in business to deliver practical and applicable knowledge to business leaders worldwide. They are a diverse team of top experts, renowned for their deep experience, transformative impact, and thought leadership in the areas that define success in today’s business environment.

In addition to being outstanding trainers, focused advocates, and experts in the field of negotiation, TNI instructors have decades of real-life negotiating experience with successful careers in all areas of business, government, law, science and/or medicine. In addition to being familiar with the language, challenges, solutions, nuances, current trends and best practices in your industry, experts bring the program to life through sharing their ‘war stories’ and developing customized case studies that apply directly to your team.

These forward-looking men and women are driven to engender profitable growth through successful negotiation, leadership and presentation skills, adding significant value for our clients.

Clients see the difference after years one-size-fits-all training led by internal or external facilitators.