Words From Our Clients


“I am pleased to report to you that the Negotiating Skills Seminar…was a complete success. The feedback I received from the participants was positive and left them wishing for more. [The instructor] did a masterful job in presenting the course.”


Bank of America

“[The instructor] brought more to the presentation that we expected – a world class business background and personal competence as a negotiator. Through his credibility, factual anecdotes and animated style, he was able to instill in the class a renewed commitment to Bank of America’s ‘win-win’ negotiation policy.”


Pharmacia & Upjohn

*Pharmacia & Upjohn is now a part of GE Healthcare Worldwide
“I am writing on behalf of Pharmacia & Upjohn to express our deep appreciation for your participation in the “Leadership and Influence Networks” Conference last September. We have received innumerable positive comments form the participants and have concluded the entire conference was a success. As any success can only be a result of the sum of the individual parts, we are particularly thankful for your efforts in this regard. Each participant came away from the conference with enthusiasm and team spirit, which was our goal. Thank you for helping us to achieve this result. We hope that you enjoyed being with us, as much as we enjoyed having you.”


Columbia University in the City of New York

“…Wise, full of insights.”


Sony Corporation

“I am anxious to use what I have learned.”



ExxonMobil Corporation/Esso

“On behalf of our management and staff, I would like to express to the Institute our complete satisfaction with the recent efforts of [Instructor] at our site. Response from participants indicated that people found the session to be both stimulating and productive. [Instructor] did an admirable job of determining our needs and working to meet them.”


Dow Chemical Company

“…I had been ignorant of the considerable influence you and your writings were already having on the young men of our patent-legal staff. Thus, as shown in the brochure, Dow representatives have been in attendance at previous seminars. Also, I find copies of your book have been purchased and placed on the shelves of our libraries where they are in demand by our people as textbooks on negotiation”[/blockquote]



Citibank, N.A.

“Very knowledgeable in the subject matter. [The instructor’s] examples speak volumes of his level of experience.”


AT&T Corporation

“Excellent seminar…relevant to our current business climate, realistic in its approach.”



“We’re very happy with the results of what we took away from the one-day workshop…We had [people] say, it was definitely beneficial, they took away some key things…[The instructor] really did take the time to stop discussion and questions…it led to a level of comfortableness with the regional managers to really seek him out for his experiences.”


Tyco International, Ltd.

“[Instructor] was an excellent presenter. He kept us fully engaged. I can tell you that I learned a lot myself and consider it to have been a positive experience for me.”


British Petroleum (BP)

“Very good presentation; well communicated”


Coopers & Lybrand Company

*Coopers & Lybrand became PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 1997
“… thanks again for the great job you did for our firm’s partners and managers –as I mentioned to you on the phone we had several occasions to directly use the advice you gave us…”



“The reaction…to [The instructor]’s presentation was overwhelmingly favorable. Most of the students thought it was the best program they have ever encountered [here].”


GM Powertrain

“[The instructor] did an excellent job for us…in order to prepare us for negotiations this summer.”


BNP Paribas S.A. – Paris

“… great job. Keep up the good work.”


McKean Defense Group

“The seminar went very well. All of the participants seemed to enjoy, and all walked away with better understanding of negotiation. The simulation and critical thinking exercises really helped to spark critical thoughts on how these processes could potentially help in their everyday jobs. [The instructor] did an excellent job fielding any questions participants may have had. An internal survey produced results that this is an activity that should be done again. We will highly recommend your company to other programs who may be doing similar program reviews.”


Bank of Montreal (BMO)

“The feedback from the Bank personnel who attended your April 25th seminar has been very positive. You made it an enjoyable learning experience for the group which no doubt contributed to the overall success of our conference.”


Ashland Coal, Inc.

*Ashland Coal became Arch Coal in 1997
“Your material was very informative and enjoyable and all comments from the attendees were very favorable.”


SBM Offshore

“I think [the instructor] is very good, he knows the subject, it makes it interesting. There’s no boredom in the classroom, people feel engaged. I think the content and the way that it is delivered is good….I think you guys did a good job in having the coursework reflect our actual projects, that was appreciated.”


Rexam PLC

“The class was great, everyone was very participative. They really liked the case studies. I think [the instructor] is obviously a huge source of experience when it comes to these kinds of things. Overall, it was a very positive experience.”


U.S. Department of Commerce

“The forum was extremely successful! Participants states that the two weeks contained the best training they had ever had.”


Jurong Engineering Limited – Singapore

“An exceptional program.”


PSEG Power (Public Service Enterprise Group)

“Please thank [Instructor] for an excellent day. Christine was very pleased, and the attendees truly enjoyed the seminar. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”


Tennessee Valley Authority

“I want to express how impressed we were with the program—it was excellent. As a whole, it was extremely relevant to our company and addressed everything we needed and more. I cannot say enough good things about [The Negotiation Institute], really, we are extremely satisfied with the training program you put on for us…above and beyond what we expected”


USC University of Southern California

“Your seminar presentation on March 6th and 7th last year proved most interesting. The subject matter is important and your delivery appeared to be professional exciting and educative.”


Rodale Press, Inc.

“The Art of Negotiating ¨ Seminar, was very well received by our management employees. All participants felt [the instructor] kept their interest and attention throughout the seminar and would have gladly attended a second day. I hope we can bring [the instructor] back in the near future.”


PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk., a subsidiary of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

“Very good program! A lot of practical examples from an experienced negotiator”


PTT Global Chemical Public Company Ltd.

“Very impressive.”


Complete Production Services Inc.

“I have participated in many seminars and workshops in my 40 year career working with the public and this was hands down the best!”


Berlitz School of Language
[Gerard Nierenberg] “…I believe that you are perhaps the last ‘man of the Renaissance’ In the United States today… The one area which I am investigating first will be the inclusion of Meta-Talk and ‘Gesture Communication’ in the training of foreign languages to American businessmen.”


Telekom Indonesia

“We benefited greatly from attending your constructive program. It was excellent. We would like to be informed about future programs”


Murphy Oil Corporation

“He was very knowledgeable in the subject matter. His examples speak volume of his experience in the art of he negotiation. He keeps people interested from start to end.”


Unity Bank

“Every enlightening and interesting talk made before the members of our staff.”

Oregon Department of Energy

“The presentation on negotiation…was one of the best I have ever attended.”

West Virginia Department of Education

“Are you such a hit everywhere you go? The participants of the second annual vocational administrators academy couldn’t seems to find any rating below outstanding on the academy review form for you. I agree. Your presentation is outstanding in every respect; in fact, we all agreed that you are an outstanding person and that it comes through in every presentation you give. If this group had the power, you’d be invited repeatedly to our state until every teacher and administrator had the chance to hear what you have to say about negotiation – and anything else you’d care to talk about. Maybe we can do something about that in the future.”



“Your session was very timely and valuable… key highlight of our conference. We appreciate you preparation for an engaging and informative presentation, as well as your skillful facilitation of our questions.”


Cooperative of American Physicians

“Negotiation is a skill which many of our employees use on a daily basis. At the presentation on Saturday, we each acquired an effective method of approaching these dealings which should result in more successful transactions.”


American Industrial Real Estate Association

“Having decided on the topic, we sought to determine the most respected and well known speaker, teacher and lead of negotiation workshops in the United States. Our search indicated, hands down, that the Negotiation Institute, Inc., in New York City founded by Gerard Nierenberg, was not only the recognized leader with regard to this topic, in the United states, but also on an international level.”

Oregon State Bar

“I wish to express appreciation for your participation in our Civil Litigation program. I heard nothing but praise.”


Institute of Professional Management Consultants

“I want to express my real and deep appreciation for your very stimulating, provocative and informative presentation… There were many comments of an extremely favorable nature. You obviously have much to offer the professions that live by advising others; and you set a notable example.”


SUNY Buffalo Law Alumni Association

“Thank you for [the instructor]’s interesting, amusing and enlightening speech…As expected, everybody enjoyed your presentation.”


Hehr Power Systems

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and consider the expenditure worthwhile…”

Dooleymack Constructors

“We want to express our appreciation for bringing such a wonderful course to our company. We researched the topic of negotiating and asked quite a few companies to give us information. Based on our research and interactions with your group, we decided to go with you and are so glad we did. The content was spot on and [the instructor] was a dynamic presenter. Everyone felt included and not out of place. As you know when teaching a large group (25+) it’s a given that some will like the course and some will not like it. In this instance everybody raved about it. That’s an amazing feat!”


New England Development

“Your style and dynamic presentation taught our employees valuable tools in negotiation to use professionally and in their everyday lives. Your amusing asides and academic philosophies made the day an exciting challenge, and I have heard nothing but great feedback from our people about the seminar.”


KH S&S Contractors

“[The instructor] put into clear terms how to keep a negotiation going your way and what things to watch for. As each new concept was introduced, [the instructor] had good examples and real life experiences to go along with it that our employees could relate too…Some of the comments from the attendees were: ‘Very well done. Perhaps the best workshop I’ve attended’, ‘[the instructor] did a great job of presenting and I was never tired or bored’. The workshop was a homerun. It was very informative and detailed. I look forward to working with your organization again in the future.”


UN Investment Promotion Service

“Your presentation has greatly contributed to my knowledge and understanding of U.S. business and will assist me in carrying out my future duties.”

Women in Cable Telecommunications

“…[the instructor] knew her stuff and that she understood some of the challenges that women in particular face. [The instructor] did a good job of managing the class and keeping it moving, so it seemed to be a really good fit. [The Negotiation Institute] was really great to work with….[The Negotiation Institute] was a pleasure to deal with, [The Negotiation Institute] was professional, it was a good experience from start to finish with us.”


Insurans Islam TAIB, a subsidiary Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei

“We benefited greatly from attending your constructive program. It was excellent. We would like to be informed about future programs”


Government of Brunei Darussalam – Employee Trust Fund Department

“Outstanding. Very professional and very practical.”


Fastaff Travel Nursing

“The negotiating process was presented in a clear and concise manner. Good examples were provided for each scenario, which helped bring home the information. I am excited to read through the booklet provided to gain more information and I plan to incorporate a few of the techniques into my new role.”


The Law Society of Upper Canada

“[The instructor] was very well received.”


National Association of Health Care Recruitment

“A conference cannot be great without excellent content, excellent speakers and the support of those who are strongly committed to the work of NAHCR. You are one of these and we thank you for your efforts on our behalf.”


National Health Laboratory Service

“…There are so many things taken for granted in a negotiation. It was good to sit back and reflect on the process of negotiation. Your seminar can only make me better at the process.”


Metal Treating Institute

“From all the comments I heard and received regarding your presentation, you were certainly well received and appreciated. I certainly want to congratulate you on a fine job, well done and to thank you for helping to make this convention one of the finest we have held in our history.”


Empire District Electric Company

“The seminar was excellent and it is a pleasure doing business with your organization.”


Automotive Parts & Accessories Association

“I appreciate the preparation that [the instructor] gave to his remarks and to the outstanding manner in which they were delivered. Your presentation on “The Art of Negotiation” was consistently rated as excellent by the participants. Among the comments on the evaluation sheets — ‘great – should consider a more lengthy seminar,’ ‘the longer it lasted the better it got,’ ‘outstanding presentation – woudl like to hear more,’ and ‘very easy to relate to and understand.’ Again, I thank you for your contribution…”

Public Service Company of Colorado

“I had the pleasure of attending your…seminar and would like to say that the fee was repaid to me many times over by the quality and attention and excellent communication techniques so aptly applied by [the instructor]. [The instructor] kept the attention of about 150 attendees all day, drawing excellent audience questioning and supplying real world/real life examples as a clear response. [The instructor]’s background…provided the best primary and coalescing learning experience I’ve ever had! Not only does this course exactly fit my current job duties, it also can have major benefit to our greatly expanded marketing efforts…”

Gould Electronics

“Both groups responded favorably to the training. It was the first training session I have facilitated where attendance was not a problem.”

Borden Inc

“We thoroughly enjoyed your message, and we put the various elements of your Art of Negotiating into use almost before the seminar ended. In fact, some of the discussion generated in the seminar has helped us focus on the solutions of problems discussed.”

Intercontinental Warehouses

“The seminar was great. It was educational, informative and well organized as well it was presented very professionally. I really felt that I had not wasted time in attending…The results are immediate and I’m looking forward to using my new skills…”

Value Retail News

“Your presenation at our spring convention was outstanding — more than I hoped it would be.”

US Department of the Interior National Park Service

“We received enthusiastic comments from participants of the Negotiation Skills training session. Your session was very worthwhile and was the catalyst needed in developing negotiation skills throughout our area of responsibility. We appreciate your effort in tailoring our course to concessions management problems; it reinforced the need to fine tune the particular skills needed in our program. Your program was not only informative but enjoyable as well.”

Nova Scotia Liquor Commission

“[The instructor]’s presentation was quite well received and I am certain that those in attendance gained a valuable insight into the negotiation process.”

NY Snacks (Yorkshire Food Sales Corp. Division)

“…please extend out appreciation to [the trainer] who proved to be an excellent speaker and trainer. Based upon the employee feedback we have received, everyone enjoyed and benefitted from his knowledge of the subject.”

Long Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association

“We would like to share with you the fact that the feedback from the audience, which was composed of 425 communication experts, was, for the first time in the history of our organization, unanimous. They felt that both the message and the manner of presentation were superb. This is a highly professional group of expertly trained professionals who do speaking for a living, so this kind of praise is truly unusual – We salute you!”

STA Design Management Seminars

“[The instructor]’s session was informative, thought-provoking and entertaining, and extremely well-received. I am happy to report that [the instructor] received the highest ratings of any speaker we have ever had…”

Preferred Properties Inc.

“We want to thank you for a very interesting and educational morning. The group feels that you are the best speaker we have ever experienced in our monthly meetings. Your humor combined with a thought stimulating message will long be remembered.”

The Bay

“This was one of the few seminars I have attended which I can recommend to anyone regardless of their professional or business interests.”