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The Hong Kong Lease Expires in 1997

Date:December 13, 1982

The Hong Kong lease expires in 1997 The exchange rates in Hong Kong have been dropping, with 6.88 Hong Kong dollars going to one U.S. dollar as compared to 6.10 in September. And the China Post, published in Taipei in thriving Taiwan, notes that now is the time for Taiwan …read more

Intuition? It’s Not a Woman’s Monopoly

Date:July 5, 1971

Article on Gerard Nierenberg explaining how women are naturally better negotiators than men, but men can learn how to negotiate better; gives some tips on successful negotiating.

Stop Trying To Win; Learn to Negotiate

Date:June 25, 1971

By Lynn Forman NEW YORK, (NANA) — Is there a frustration-proof way of dealing with a rebellious teenager or an “impossible” boss? Can one “lock horns” with an ornery neighbor or a “heartless” landlord and actually wind up smiling? According to Gerard I. Nierenberg, a man who’s devoted a lot …read more

I don’t care what he says, I know what he means.

Date:August 30, 1969

All people who talk to other people—whether in business negotiations or social conversation—have a tremendous advantage if they have an understanding of the messages being conveyed by the gestures of the participants. Gerard I. Nierenberg, a prominent New York attorney and a founder of the General Semantics Foundation, has written …read more

Are Women Superior at Negotiating?

Date:February 9, 1969

Nierenberg discussing why women are good negotiators & tips for a successful negotiation; short bio on Nierenberg & mention of his books.