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You learn from your mistakes

Date:November 24, 2005

Aus Schaden wird man klug – Wie aus Fehlern Erfolge werden können (firmenpresse) – Bonn/Köln – Wer unter Druck steht und Angst vor Fehlern und Versagen hat, versagt häufig. In Zeiten hoher Arbeitslosigkeit möchten viele Mitarbeiter ihren Job nicht aufs Spiel setzen und vermeiden alles, was Risiken in sich birgt. …read more

Enough Self-Confidence for Error

Date:November 20, 2005

Genug Selbstvertrauen für Fehler (Translated: Enough Self-Confidence for Error) von Von Frank Siering In den Vereinigten Staaten verteufeln Arbeitgeber Pannen im Job nicht. Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland – wo schnell mit dem Finger auf den Schuldigen gezeigt wird – hat sich in den USA eine positive Fehlerkultur entwickelt. LOS ANGELES. …read more

Pros Fill In the Blinks on W’s Gestures

Date:October 2, 2004

CONFRONTED WITH A debate challenge from John Kerry, President Bush blinked. And blinked, and blinked, and blinked, and blinked. And the cutaway camera shots that Bush’s handlers did not want the networks to broadcast also caught an embarrassing smorgasbord of smirks that graced the President’s face as Kerry made his …read more

Knives out as Stewart minces words, cabbage

Date:June 26, 2002

MARTHA CAN’T HACK QUESTIONS ON TV Knives out as Stewart minces words, cabbage BY ROBERT INGRASSIA NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, June 26, 2002, 12:00 AM A knife-wielding Martha Stewart chopped away at a head of cabbage in a bizarre national television appearance yesterday while curtly refusing to answer questions …read more

Starr is Cool on Hot Seat Doesn’t Wilt; Changes Few Minds

Date:November 20, 1998

BY CORKY SIEMASZKO NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, November 20, 1998, 12:00 AM Independent counsel Kenneth Starr got his moment in the spotlight yesterday and managed to avoid getting burned, image experts said. During the marathon Judiciary Committee hearing, the 52-year-old former judge stuck to his script and kept his …read more

Queen Honors Diana In Rare Tv Speech

Date:September 6, 1997

BY MICHELE MCPHEE, IN LONDON, PAUL SCHWARTZMAN, IN NEW, YORK NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, September 6, 1997, 12:00 AM Stung by charges that she is cold and aloof, Queen Elizabeth said yesterday in a rare television speech that the royal family shares the grief over Princess Diana’s death. Appearing …read more

The Gambler Who Refused $2 Billion – Pennzoil’s J. Hugh Liedtke, fighting Texaco, made a historic bet. Initial effect: Everybody loses

Date:November 5, 1987

By Stratford P. Sherman REPORTER ASSOCIATES Rosalind Klein Berlin, Christopher Knowlton, Stephen Madden, Alison Bruce Rea, Julianne Slovak May 11, 1987 (FORTUNE Magazine) – JUST THINK what they must be saying in Tokyo. Or Paris. Or Riyadh. ‘Strange people, those Americans. Fighting for their competitive lives, they need strong companies. …read more

New York lawyer negotiates career

Date:November 5, 1987

New York lawyer preaches art of negotiating By Vivian Marino The Associated Press NEW YORK – Gerard I. Nierenberg fancies himself a good judge of character, someone who can “read” the expressions or gestures of an associate just as one studies a business report or contract. “I can feel exactly …read more

The Art of Negotiating – workshop

Date:January 5, 1985

Another advertisement for The Art of Negotiation seminar-workshop; lists what the seminar includes & what is taught and includes short bio of Nierenberg.