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Skills for the competitive edge in today's global marketplace.

Welcome to TNI, The Negotiation Institute

We make our clients, and the way their teams do business, better.

Founded in 1966, The Negotiation Institute is the leading provider of negotiation skills training and consulting worldwide. Our programs are customized to the specific needs of our clients, and we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the utmost standard of excellence. Our focus on innovative training methods and the utilization of cutting-edge technology enhances our global reach. We offer on-site training seminars and consulting in the areas of negotiation, leadership, sales, procurement, supply chain management, interpersonal and presentation skills to the largest national and multinational corporations, governments, regulatory agencies, small businesses, educational institutions, associations, institutes, and other organizations worldwide.


» TNI sponsors an annual series of conference events that explore strategic and tactical ways to gain ‘the edge’ in specific industries or roles within an organization. The Art of Negotiating conferences are presented by TNI Faculty and feature special guest panel discussions and expert keynotes, drawing high-profile industry leaders and professionals from all over the world to New York City to broaden their network and skill set.
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» TNI provides world-class Faculty experts who travel to your organization to deliver training programs tailored to your needs. TNI works closely with your team to identify key strengths, weaknesses, challenges and goals in order to create programs that focus on skills that drive success and create value.
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» TNI Faculty Instructors are experts, renowned throughout the world for their thought leadership and deep experience in the areas that define success in today’s business environment. We don’t work with facilitators of a one-size-fits-all program. Each faculty instructor has developed their own TNI program based on decades of experience and success.
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» TrainingImpact™ (TI) quantifies your training investments and is a series of survey and metrics-based ROI studies that measure the impact, value and sustainability on training investments and other intangible assets.
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Having pioneered the conceptual framework, process and art of modern negotiation, our legacy and depth of experience enables us to provide clients with unparalleled training solutions across a variety of executive competencies—negotiation, high-performance sales, procurement, supply chain management leadership and presentation skills. Our commitment to excellence is supported by a global faculty of thought leaders and business experts with deep industry experience, a focus on customer service and a goal to make organizations and they way they do business, better. This commitment has been the foundation of TNI growth, and contributed to the success of over 1,500,000 professionals worldwide.

the art of negotiating conferences
The Art of Negotiating is an annual TNI Conference Event Series featuring keynotes from TNI Faculty Experts and special guest panelists.
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